Ever drive with the tailgate down?

Bring your backup camera back to life!

!! TGM500 now available !!

We just received the first shipment of TGM500's

Please check the fitment page as it has changed a little from the previous versions.

Our story so far:
The first versions were thermoformed, although labor intensive this was an affordable way to kick things off, to see if there is interest. Started with the TGM100 and soon found out the newer trucks had higher cameras so the TGM200 was made accommodate. The quality of the thermoformed frame and stick on mirror was not to our satisfaction and this opinion was shared by some of the customers. So we got to work, we checked fitment on more trucks and changed the design to be more versatile the TGM500 is injection molded for better quality.

The trend is for the cameras to be all the way at the top of the tailgate making it impossible to reach with suction cups. Depending on the truck the suction cups can still be used and we are developing a bracket system that mounts to the top of the tailgate and once installed will allow easy installation and removal in seconds with the tailgate in the down position.

Please be patient there are a number of reasons it is taking so long, the current situation with material availability and shipping issues not helping. We are a very small startup company and will start pushing when the parts are available. Thank you!

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Easy to Install - No Tools Needed - Fits Most Trucks - Goes Anywhere

Tailgate Mirror maked backing up easy and simple - and makes the owner happy again!
Tailgate Mirror is easy to install no tools necessary!
Tailgate mirror fits almost all trucks.