Does it fit my truck?

Go to the fitment page for this information


Will it stay on?

We use the same technology suction cups as the sports camera industry, which have a proven record of stability. So far I have had great success with these suction cups. After months of road tests we haven't lost one yet! Obviously the tailgate has to be clean for the suction cups to work.

Can you supply with magnets instead?

Magnets are going to be an option although it will increase cost. This will not work on the newer F-150 as the tailgate is aluminum.


Can I be involved?

Yes! We need to test the Tailgate Mirror on all the different trucks. If your truck is either not on the fitment list or on the 'does not fit' list we would gladly come by and test it on your truck. We are based in Orange County CA so if you are local please send us an email on info@tailgatemirror.com