Does it fit my truck?

There are two types of the Tailgate Mirror TGM100 and TGM 200, together they fit a larger variety of trucks.

The TGM100 fits the following trucks:

Confirmed fitment:

Ford F150:                   all (except some Raptors* and Platinums*)

Ford F250:                   up to  2016

Toyota Tacoma:           2016+

Toyota Tundra:            all

GMC Sierra:                all

Chevrolet Silverado:    up to 2018

Chevrolet Colorado:     all 

Dodge Ram:                up to 2018

Honda Ridgline:           all

This version does NOT fit: 2019 Silverado, 2019 Ram & 2017-19 F250 - sign up for our email list to be notified when the update gets released later this Summer!

* Some Raptors and Platinum trucks have letters or other features where the suction cup go.

The TGM200 fits the following trucks:

Ford F150:                  2015+ including Platinum and Raptor

Ford Ranger                2018+