Does it fit my truck?

The Tailgate Mirror fits most trucks and we are trying it on trucks all the time. It is easy to see if it fits as we can just walk up to any truck and quickly check. To test how well it works on each truck we have to drive it which is not always possible.

Confirmed fitment:

Ford F150:                   all (except some Raptors* and Platinums*)

Ford F250:                   up to  2016

Toyota Tacoma:           2016+

Toyota Tundra:            all

GMC Sierra:                all

Chevrolet Silverado:    up to 2018

Chevrolet Colorado:     all 

Dodge Ram:                up to 2018

Honda Ridgline            all

This version does NOT fit: 2019 Silverado, 2019 Ram & 2017-19 F250 - sign up for our email list to be notified when the update gets released later this Summer!

* Some Raptors and Platinum trucks have letters or other features where the suction cup go.