"I was very surprised at how easy the Tailgate Mirror was to install on my Chevy Colorado tailgate, Also impressed as to the clarity and depth the vision field projected on my dash cam screen. I think this is a very useful product"      C.J. Ramirez


"This perfect for when you have a camper on your truck and need to keep the tailgate down. It makes it so you can use your reverse camera just like it would be if the tailgate was up. Very easy to install no tools required. Super fast shipping."  J.P. Dawly (5 Stars Amazon)


"I rely on the backup camera in my truck everyday and when I have my dirt bike or lumber in the back I really need use of the camera. This tailgate mirror makes me able to use my backup camera when large items are in the bed that require the gate to be down. This thing works perfect, it's inexpensive, and stores under my rear seat when I'm not using it!" Joe S (5 Stars Amazon)


The link below is to an F150 forum thread where someone posted their experience with the tailgate mirror. The comments on the thread are very entertaining


This link is to an independent review about the Tailgate Mirror on YouTube

Tailgate Mirror Videos

This video shows the Tailgate Mirror in action on a 2018 F150

These videos show the Tailgate Mirror being installed on a 2012 and 2018 F150 from inside and outside


The original Tailgate Mirror promotion video